This site has been reserved for the use by anyone that dares to don the family name and crest Dempsey. The Dempsey Family History

We are a strong group, the children of Emmet and Iona Dempsey, that ran roughshod over North Omaha, Nebraska in the 50's and 60's. The family had a humble start in the farmlands of Nebraska when Iona was born into the family of Pete and Angela Herchenbach. This is one of the earliest known photoís of Iona when she was still adorable with her blonde hair.

Though life on the farm was tough for her and her 4 brothers and three sisters, they managed to survive the early years without modern conveniences such as the automobile, television, microwaves and cell phones. Iona routinely road in the family buggy to school along with her brothers and sisters. After leaving the farm for the big city of Omaha where she was employed as a housekeeper, she met a young Emmet J. Dempsey and were later married. Although I was not around at the time, it would appear that the wedding was held in either Lindsey or Humphrey, Nebraska as you see the wedding party on the front lawn of the Herchenbach family farm. The wedding party consisted of Ionaís sisters and one of her brothers.

In this photo, circa 1970 a folksy shot of the family was taken in the living room of the house located at 6905 Florence Blvd in Omaha. Seated in Emmet and Iona, then left to right is Bill, Judy, Bob (the tall one) Jerry (the short one) Jean, and John (the good looking one). You will notice the stylish "doís" of the girls. In addition, it is worth pointing out (at least in three cases) that there was hair in a past life. Notice the clean shaven appearance and the All-American look. Boy did we have the world fooled!

Now, fast forward about 30 years and see how they all turned out. This photo was taken at the Dempsey Family Reunion in 1997 which was held at Bobís house on State Street. Rather than make it easy for you, I will let you guess "whoís who" in the zoo.

While each of us have gone our separate ways, itís always good to come home to a "home cooked" meal as a few of the clan gather for Thanksgiving Dinner at Momís as we see in this photo. Not every one could be present, but if you count thereís about 27 folks in this shot. All told, I think that the number of kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids now totals over 40. That total is in flux because there are a couple of weird ones that we are still deciding if we are going to let them remain in the family. And, of course, there are those yet unborn who have children on the way, and you know who you are!

While we have scattered to all parts of the country, some of the more rowdy members of the family still roam the streets as mild mannered insurance agents, real estate agents, teachers, educators and software employment consultants. The most rowdy of all have been banished to Indiana while the mild mannered and easy going one resides in Iowa.

Over the next few days and weeks, photos will appear, history's told and liars made of all of us. If you feel that you have a legal claim against us, you are probably right, and we will continue to elude you as we have for these many years. If on the other hand, you feel that you have something meaningful to contribute to this space, submit it to the warden and we will see if your request can be accommodated during normal visiting hours.

"Double Trouble"

The following pictures were taken at a birthday party for Mom on her 79th birthday, at the Bahle residence. The group shot is of those family members who could be with us that day. The North Omaha Seven (as we are remembered in the police records) are shown in their present day conditions. Some a little older than earlier photos, most a little grayer and all just a little worse for wear. Last, but not least, we have a single mug shot of the leader of the gang. Feared by most, revered by all that know one tough cookie, ruled with a iron fist...and a loving hand...our Mom.

Family Gathering

Mom and the Kids in the Family Room

Mom with the Kids in the Yard


John in the office


John, Susanne, Rod, and Tom


Jerry and Bill


Susanne and Rod

Linda and John Doran

Tom and Janet (before)

John Dempsey
Mishawaka, IN